Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • Audit
    (e) An Audit Committee, consisting of three Directors and not including the Treasurer. The members of this committee and its chairman shall be appointed by the Association Chairman with the approval of the Board. This committee shall recommend a firm of independent public accountants to the Members at the Annual Meeting to conduct the annual audit of the books of the Association, and shall assist the accountants as required. It shall report on the audit at the Annual Meeting of Members, pursuant to Article 26. Financial Audit. An annual financial audit of the Association’s business shall be prepared by an outside firm, which shall be engaged by, and report its findings to, the Board of Directors of the Association. The Audit Committee shall recommend to the Membership annually the employment of the specific audit firm.
  • Copyright
  • Higher Education Committee
  • Investment
    Pursuant to Section 34(e) of the Bylaws, the Investment Committee is responsible for the operation and administration of the Company's investment portfolio.
  • Tax
  • Test Committee One
    This is a test committee to see what a committee looks like